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Abbott, Jacob (1803 - 1879)

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Alexander the Great Makers of History

Caleb in the Country

Charles I Makers of History


Cyrus the Great Makers of History

Darius the Great Makers of History

Forests of Maine Marco Paul's Adventures in Pursuit of Knowledge

Genghis Khan, Makers of History Series

Gentle Measures in the Management and Training of the Young Or, the Principles on Which a Firm Parental Authority May Be Established and Maintained, Without Violence or Anger, and the Right Development of the Moral and Mental Capacities Be Promoted by Methods in Harmony with the Structure and the Characteristics of the Juvenile Mind


Hannibal Makers of History

History of Julius Caesar

History of King Charles the Second of England

Jonas on a Farm in Winter

King Alfred of England Makers of History

Marco Paul's Voyages and Travels; Vermont

Margaret of Anjou Makers of History

Mary Erskine

Mary Queen of Scots Makers of History

Nero Makers of History Series

Peter the Great

Pyrrhus Makers of History

Queen Elizabeth Makers of History

Richard III Makers of History

Richard II Makers of History

Richard I Makers of History

Rollo at Play Safe Amusements

Rollo at Work

Rollo in Geneva

Rollo in Holland

Rollo in London

Rollo in Naples

Rollo in Paris

Rollo in Rome

Rollo in Scotland

Rollo in Switzerland

Rollo in the Woods

Rollo on the Atlantic

Rollo on the Rhine

Rollo's Experiments

Rollo's Museum

Rollo's Philosophy. [Air]

Romulus Makers of History

Stuyvesant A Franconia Story

The Teacher

The Teacher Or, Moral Influences Employed in the Instruction and Government of the Young

William the Conqueror Makers of History

Xerxes Makers of History

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