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372. This only shows the
danger of deciding questions of origin on an imperfect induction.

The opening is not found in Grimm; I have taken it from Andrews; for
which an excellent parallel is given in Crane, lxxvii., "Little
Chick-pea." A similar beginning occurs in Hahn, 56, "Pepper-corn."


Snowwhite is of special interest to the students of the folk-tale as
being obviously a late product combining many _motifs_ from different,
more primitive, or at least earlier formulŠ. E. Boeklen, in his
_Schneewitchen Studien_, I, Leipzig 1910, suggests influence by Hansel
and Gretel; The Seven Ravens; The Sleeping Beauty; The Maiden without
Hands; One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes; False Bride, etc.; and Bolte,
i., 453, appears to agree with him. Certainly almost every one of the
incidents can be paralleled in other sets of folk-tales. The
combination "white as snow," "red as blood," "black as ebony," has
already been given in the present volume (see p. 173). Bringing back
an animal's heart instead of the proposed victim's is common form as
early as the Book of Genesis; and the trial of the three beds is
familiar to English children in Southey's "Three Bears." It would seem
that a story something like "Snowwhite" was known in Shakespeare's
time, as there appears to be a reference to it in the main plot of
"Cymbeline" (see _Germania_, ix., 458).

The form I have given to the formula follows very closely that of the
Grimms' 53. It is one of their best stories and occurs widely spread
throughout Germany. Whether that implies original composition in
Central Europe cannot at present be determined, but it certainly looks
that way. I have, however, omitted Bolte's F referring to the
punishment of the Queen, which is wanting in the majority of the
variants. No editor of a text would under similar circumstances take
account of so rare a variant.

* * * * *


I give in the following list the chief incidents that occur in the
preceding tales, using for the most part the nomenclature used in the
notes or in the list of incidents attached to my paper on "The Problem
of Diffusion" in the _Transactions of the International Folk-Lore
Congress_, 1892, pp. 87-98.

N. B. Incidents in Drolls are placed in italics. In some few
cases, the incidents are referred to only in the notes.

Acquisition Task, xii.

Animal Aid, xi., xvii.

Apple Speaking, xviii.

Bean Transformation, xxiv.

Bird Aid, i.

Bird Election, viii.

Bird Prophecy, viii., xxi.

Bird Throwing, x.

Blood Resuscitation, xvi.

Bread Crumb Track, xxii.

Bride Quest, xii.

Captured Bride, xii., xxi.

_Casting Sheep's Eyes_, xv.

Castle Building Task, xviii.

_Cheese Squeezing_, x.

Children Sacrifice, xvi.

Cleansing Stable Task, xviii.

_Cow's Stomach Refuge_, xxiv.

Cure by Fruit, ix.

Descent to Hell, xvii., xviii.

Dogs in Bag, vi., xx.

_Door Dropping_, xix.

Dragon Slayer, xxi.

Dress Rhyme, i.

Enclosure in Bag, vi.

Envious Sisters, i., vii.

Exchange Series, ii.

Exposed Hero, viii., xxii.

External Soul, iii.

Fairy Godmother, i.

_False Bathing_, xi.

False Bride, xviii.

_False Sale_, xxiv.

Feather Dress, vii.

Feet Rhyme, i.

Finger Ladder Task, xviii.

_Flea Bite Blows_, x.

Flight from Ogre, xviii.

Forbidden Chamber, xii.

_Fox in Briar Bush_, vi.

_Fox in Fish-cart_, vi.

_Giants Quarrelling_, x.

_Girl in Bag_, ii.

Helpful Animals, i.

Honey Trap, i.

_Horse from Stable Theft_, xvi.

_Horse's Ear Guide_, xxiv.

_Iced Bear's Tail_, vi.

_Inside Again_, xx.

Jealous Brother-in-law, xvii.

Jealous Mother-in-law, xvii., xxv.

Jephtha Vow, xviii.

Language of Animals, viii.

Life Token, iii., vii.

_Lollipop House_, xxii.

Lost Shoe, i.

Love at Distance, xxi.

_Magic Cudgel_, ix.

Magic Dress, i.

Magic Purse, ix.

Magical Weapons, xii.

Menial Hero, xviii.

Menial Heroine, i.

Moon on Forehead, vii.

Mutilated Foot, i.

Nobility Test, xi.

Oblivion Kiss, xviii.

Obstacle Pursuit, xii., xviii., xxii.

Ogre Transformation, xi.

Overheard Boasting, vii.

_Paradise Visitor_, xix.

Pebble Track, xxii.

_Planting Pigs' Tails_, xv.

Poisoned Comb, xxv.

Poisoned Cup, xvi.

Poisoned Half-apple, xxv.

Pride before Fall, xiv.

_Priest in Bag Ride_, xvi.

Prince Rescue, xxv.

Punishment for Curiosity, xvii.

_Purse or Life_, xvi.

Pursuit Rhyme, i.

Quarrel of Limbs, vi.

Quest Tasks, vii.

_Rage Wager_, xv.

Recognition Test, xii.

Rescue from Dragon, iii.

Sale of Bed, xviii.

_Scissors_, iv.

Seven Bens and Seven Glens, xii.

Sight Taboo, xvii.

_Sheet off Bed Theft_, xvi.

Shoe Marriage Test, i.

Snow-white, Blood-red, xxv.

Speech Taboo, vii.

_Stick Finger_, xxii.

Substituted Children, vii.

Substituted Heart, vii., xxv.

Supernatural birth, iii.

Swan Maidens, xii.

Thankful Animals, xii., xiii.

_Thief Apprentice_, xvi.

Three Beds Trial, xxv.

_Thumb Bung_, xvi.

_Thumbkin_, xxiv.

_Top-off, Half-gone, All-gone_, vi.

Transformation by Fruit, ix.

Tree Rhyme, i.

Turned to Stone, iii., xxi.

Ungrateful Animal, xx.

_Unicorn Captured_, x.

Unseen Bridegroom, xvii.

_Visitor from Paradise_, xix.

_Washing Horses within_, xv.

_Wolf Caught in Hole_, xxiv.

_X at a Blow_, x.

* * * * *

A Staircase of Stories

Chosen by

Louey Chisholm


Amy Steedman

_Thick Handsome 8^o, 31 Full-page Illustrations in Color 41 in Black
and White. 540 Pages. 64 Tales_

The appeal is to children between the ages of four and fourteen, and
the aim, to concentrate solely on what it is believed children will
most enjoy. There is a gradual ascent in difficulty as the pages are
turned--hence the title. This thick handsome book will make a solid
and delightful foundation to a child's library.

* * * * *

G. P. Putnam's Sons

New York London

* * * * *

Old Favorites

Forty Famous Fairy Tales

Jack and the Beanstalk--The Three Dwarfs--The Six Swans--The Sleeping
Beauty--Beauty and the Beast--Blue Beard--Tom Thumb---Snowdrop--Jack
the Giant-Killer--Little Red Riding Hood, and many others. 400 pages.
14 full-page illustrations. Wrapper in color.

Two and Four Footed Friends

Stories by Anna Sewell, H. Rider Haggard, Bret Harte, Ernest
Ingersoll, Charles Dudley Warner, Hezekiah Butterworth, and others.
382 pages. 17 full-page illustrations. Decorative wrapper.

Stories Grandmother Knew

Little Merchants--Three Cakes--Suspicious Jackdaw--Lazy
Lawrence--Grand Feast--Mad Bull--Birthday Present--Preparing for a
Ride, and others. 400 pages. 14 full-page illustrations. Decorative

A Little Lame Prince

This little story of "the most beautiful prince that ever was born,"
and of his good friends, the fairy god-mother, the magpie, and many
other equally engaging creatures, has now become a classic among tales
for children. 150 pages. Fully illustrated. Handsome Wrapper.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland _and_ Through the Looking Glass and
What Alice Found There

By Lewis Carroll

Alice's adventures, and the friends she made among the preposterous
and impossible creatures, are now part of the mental furniture of
every child, and of most children of an older growth as well.

The two preceding stories are also printed separately.

* * * * *

G. P. Putnam's Sons

New York London

* * * * *

Injun Babies


Maynard Dixon

These stories of little red men and women have the flavor of
actuality, with all the wonder and strangeness that children demand.
The background of the Western plains when Injun babies lived in tepees
made of buffalo skins is a new one for children's stories; the
adventures of the little Indians with animals and their simple life of
every day make the collection a unique one for young readers of today.
The book is charmingly illustrated with drawings by the author.

* * * * *

G. P. Putnam's Sons

New York London

* * * * *

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