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Selections From the Writings of the Báb

by the Báb

Edition 1, (June 2006)


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References to the Qur’án
1: Tablets And Addresses
A Tablet Addressed To ‘Him Who Will Be Made Manifest’
A Second Tablet Addressed To ‘Him Who Will Be Made Manifest’
Tablet To The First Letter Of The Living
Extracts From An Epistle To Muḥammad Sháh
Extracts From Another Epistle To Muḥammad Sháh
Extracts From A Further Epistle To Muḥammad Sháh
Extracts From A Tablet Containing Words Addressed To The Sherif Of
Address To A Muslim Divine
Address To Sulaymán, One Of The Muslim Divines In The Land Of Masqat
2: Excerpts From The Qayyúmu’l-Asmá
“All praise be to God Who hath, through the ...”
“O King of Islám! Aid thou, with the truth, after having ...”
“Be thou content with the commandment of God, the ...”
“Verily We made the revelation of verses to be a testimony ...”
“As to those who deny Him Who is the Sublime Gate of ...”
“Unto every people We have sent down the Book in ...”
“Fear ye God and breathe not a word concerning His ...”
“Do men imagine that We are far distant from the people ...”
“Do not say, ‘How can He speak of God while in truth ...”
“Glorified is He besides Whom there is none other God. ...”
“O ye servants of God! Verily, be not grieved if a thing ye ...”
“O Peoples of the East and the West! Be ye fearful of God ...”
“O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! We have, verily, dilated Thine ...”
“The angels and the spirits, arrayed rank upon rank, ...”
“Are ye wickedly scheming, according to your selfish ...”
“O ye peoples of the earth! During the time of My ...”
“O ye kinsmen of the Most Great Remembrance! This ...”
“O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! Stretch not Thy hands wide open ...”
“O People of Persia! Are ye not satisfied with this glorious ...”
“O People of the earth! By the righteousness of the One ...”
“O Thou the Supreme Word of God! Fear not, nor be ...”
“O Concourse of Shí’ihs! Fear ye God and Our Cause ...”
“Recite ye as much as convenient from this Qur’án both ...”
“Issue forth from your cities, O peoples of the West and ...”
“O ye peoples of the earth! Hearken unto My call, ringing ...”
“Be Thou patient, O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn, for God hath indeed ...”
“By My glory! I will make the infidels to taste, with the ...”
“The Lord hath, in truth, inspired Me: Verily, verily, I am ...”
“O Thou Remnant of God! I have sacrificed myself wholly ...”
“O Peoples of the earth! By the righteousness of God, this ...”
“Verily such as ridicule the wondrous, divine Verses ...”
“O People of the Qur’án! Ye are as nothing unless ye ...”
“O Peoples of the earth! Verily the resplendent Light of ...”
“Whenever the faithful hear the verses of this Book ...”
“O Spirit of God! Call Thou to mind the bounty which ...”
“O People of the earth! To attain the ultimate retreat in ...”
“God, besides Whom there is none other true God, saith: ...”
“The people, during the absence of the Báb, re-enacted ...”
“Doth it seem strange to the people that We should have ...”
“O Peoples of the earth! Verily the true God calleth ...”
“O ye concourse of the believers! Utter not words of ...”
“O Thou cherished Fruit of the heart! Give ear to the ...”
“Should it be Our wish, it is in Our power to compel, ...”
“O ye peoples of the earth! By the righteousness of God, ...”
“O Hour of the Dawn! Ere the resplendent glory of the ...”
“O Concourse of the faithful! Verily the object of each ...”
“God had, in truth, proposed Our Mission unto the ...”
“Hearken unto the Voice of Thy Lord calling from ...”
“This Book which We have sent down is indeed abounding ...”
“This Remembrance is indeed the glorious Remnant of ...”
“This Religion is indeed, in the sight of God, the essence ...”
“O My servants! This is God’s appointed Day which the ...”
“Indeed We conversed with Moses by the leave of God ...”
“O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! I recognize in Thee none other ...”
“God, of a truth, revealed unto Me in the sacred house of ...”
“O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! Say: Verily I am the One Who is ...”
“I Am the Mystic Fane which the Hand of Omnipotence ...”
“As a token of pure justice, We have indeed sent tidings ...”
3: Excerpts From The Persian Bayán
“It is better to guide one soul than to possess all ...”
“Worship thou God in such wise that if thy worship lead ...”
“The Day of Resurrection is a day on which the sun riseth ...”
“There is no paradise, in the estimation of the believers in ...”
“God loveth those who are pure. Naught in the Bayán and ...”
“Likewise consider the manifestation of the Point of the ...”
“There is no doubt that the Almighty hath sent down ...”
“Since that Day is a great Day it would be sorely trying ...”
“In the manifestation of the Apostle of God all were eagerly ...”
“At the time of the manifestation of Him Whom God ...”
“Ye perform your works for God from the beginning of ...”
“God hath, at all times and under all conditions, been ...”
“How veiled are ye, O My creatures, ... who, without ...”
“How vast the number of people who are well versed in ...”
“No created thing shall ever attain its paradise unless it ...”
“Twelve hundred and seventy years have elapsed since ...”
“Better is it for a person to write down but one of His ...”
“O People of the Bayán! Be on your guard; for on the ...”
“Since all men have issued forth from the shadow of the ...”
“O People of the Bayán! If ye believe in Him Whom God ...”
“The reason why privacy hath been enjoined in moments ...”
“It is seemly that the servant should, after each prayer, ...”
“As this physical frame is the throne of the inner temple, ...”
“At the time of the appearance of Him Whom God shall ...”
“Everyone is eagerly awaiting His appearance, yet since ...”
“The acts of Him Whom God shall make manifest are like ...”
“Know thou that in the Bayán purification is regarded as ...”
“If at the time of the appearance of Him Whom God will ...”
“It is not permissible to ask questions from Him Whom ...”
“The Bayán shall constitute God’s unerring balance till the ...”
“The One true God may be compared unto the sun and ...”
“I swear by the most holy Essence of God—exalted and ...”
“In this Revelation the Lord of the universe hath deigned ...”
“Thou beholdest how vast is the number of people who ...”
“The substance of this chapter is this, that what is intended ...”
“The evidence set forth by God can never be compared ...”
“Praise be to God that He hath enabled us to become ...”
“In the Name of God, the Most Exalted, the Most Holy. ...”
“The revelation of the Divine Reality hath everlastingly ...”
4: Excerpts From Dalá’il-i-sab‘ih (The Seven Proofs)
“Thou hast asked concerning the fundamentals ...”
“Gracious God! Within the domains of Islám there are ...”
“Ponder likewise the Dispensation of the Apostle of God ...”
“Consider the manifold favours vouchsafed by the ...”
“Let Me set forth some rational arguments for thee. If ...”
“The recognition of Him Who is the Bearer of divine ...”
“The evidences which the people demanded from the ...”
“Rid thou thyself of all attachments to aught except God, ...”
“It is recorded in a tradition that of the entire concourse of ...”
“Thy letter hath been perused. Were the truth of this ...”
5: Excerpts From The Kitáb-i-asmá (The Book of Names)
“God is sanctified from His servants and no direct relationship ...”
“Should a person lay claim to a cause and produce his ...”
“O Ye who are invested with the Bayán! Be ye watchful ...”
“Consider how at the time of the appearance of every ...”
“Take heed to carefully consider the words of every soul, ...”
“On the Day of Resurrection when He Whom God will ...”
“O Ye unto whom the Bayán is given! Be ye vigilant lest ...”
“Verily God hath caused the people of the Bayán to be ...”
“Since thou hast faithfully obeyed the true religion of God ...”
“As to those who have debarred themselves from the ...”
“O Ye who are invested with the Bayán! Ye shall be put ...”
“Say, He Whom God shall make manifest will surely ...”
“Ponder upon the people unto whom the Gospel was ...”
“Say, ye will be unable to recognize the One True God or ...”
“Verily, on the First Day We flung open the gates of ...”
“Say, by reason of your remembering Him Whom God ...”
“The divine Revelation associated with the advent of Him ...”
“Say, verily God hath caused all created things to enter ...”
“Say, God shall of a truth cause your hearts to be given to ...”
“How great the number of people who deck themselves ...”
6: Excerpts From Various Writings
“Say, God is the Lord and all are worshippers unto ...”
“God testifieth that there is none other God but Him.

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