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But after a time his leg took to paining Grettir, and became
blue and swollen, so that he could not sleep, and Illugi watched by him
night and day.

At this time Thurid advised Angle to make another attempt on the
island; he therefore gathered a force of a dozen men together, and set
sail in very foul weather, but no sooner had they reached open sea than
the wind lulled, so they came to Drangey at dusk.

Noise had been told to guard the ladders, and had gone out as usual
with very ill grace; he thought to himself he would not draw them up,
so he lay down there and fell asleep, remaining all day long in slumber
till Angle came to the island.

Mounting the ladders, he and his men found Noise snoring at the top;
arousing him roughly, they learned from him what had happened, and how
Grettir lay sick in the hut with Illugi tending him.

Angle thrashed Noise soundly for betraying his master, and the men made
for the hut. Illugi guarded the door with the greatest valour, and
when they thrust at him with spears he struck off all the spear heads
from the shafts.

But some of the men leapt up on to the roof, tore away the thatch, and
broke one of the rafters. Grettir thrust up with a spear and killed
one man, but he could not rise from his knee by reason of his wound;
the others leapt down and attacked him; young Illugi threw his shield
over him and made defence for both in most manly wise.

Grettir killed another man, whose body fell upon him, so that he could
not use his sword; wherefore Angle at that moment was able to stab him
between the shoulders, and many another wound they gave him till they
thought he was dead.

Angle took Grettir's short sword and struck at the head of the body
with such force that a piece of the sword-blade was nicked out. So
died Grettir, the bravest man of all who ever dwelt in Iceland.


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