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=_Tractatus de Hermaphroditis_:=

=OR, A=





I. A Description of the several Sorts of HERMAPHRODITES, and how the
Law regards them in respect to Matrimony.

II. Intrigues of HERMAPHRODITES and Masculine FEMALES, and of the
outward Marks to distinguish them.

III. The material Cause and Generation of HERMAPHRODITES, of
unnatural BIRTHS, Generation of MONSTERS, extraordinary CONCEPTIONS,


=Printed for E. CURLL _Fleet-street_.=



_Prefaces now a Days are rather Apologies for the Works to which they
are prefix'd, than written for Instruction; and generally a ludicrous
Scene is expected, if the Performance be of an airy Nature; or, if not,
at least an introductory Specimen of what the Reader may hope for in the
Body of the Work_.

_I shall make no Apology for my Subject, notwithstanding an impudent
Libeller has endeavour'd to load Authors and Publishers of Works of
this Nature with the utmost Infamy; and herein I admire at the Front of
the Fellow, to pretend to Chastise others for Writing only, when he
practises a great deal more Iniquity than any Book extant can prompt him
to, every Day that comes over his Head_.

MY _Design in the following Sheets is meerly as an innocent
Entertainment for all curious Persons, without any Views of inciting
Masculine-Females to Amorous Tryals with their own Sex; and I am
perswaded there will not be one single_ HERMAPHRODITE _the more in the
World, on account of the publishing this_ TREATISE.

IT _may be expected by some faithless Persons, that I should produce
an_ HERMAPHRODITE _to publick View, as an incontestible Justification of
there being Humane Creatures of this kind; but as I have no Authority to
take up the Petticoats of any Female without her Consent, I hope to be
excus'd from making such demonstrable Proofs; and if I had such a Power,
the Sight might endanger the Welfare of some pregnant Female, whose
Curiosity would spur her to a particular Examination_.

_The Intrigues of my_ HERMAPHRODITES _are indeed very amazing, and as
monstrous as their Natures, but that many Lascivious Females divert
themselves one with another at this time in this City, is not to be
doubted: And if any Persons shall presume to Censure my Accounts,
grounded on a Probability of Truth, I shall be sufficiently reveng'd in
proclaiming them, what my_ HERMAPHRODITES _are found to be in the
Conclusion_--Old Women.

_I confess, all Histories of extraordinary Conceptions from these
Intrigues, or by Women without actual Copulation, are equally fabulous
with those of the Engendring of Men: It would be as surprizing to find a
Man with a teeming Belly, as to see a Woman increase there meerly by her
own Applications_.

_I doubt not but this small_ TREATISE _may put some Persons upon a
previous Examination of Robust Females, that they may be at a certainty
with respect to mutual Enjoyment; but I would not have them rashly
conclude from large Appurtenances only, that they are unnatural, but, on
the contrary, agreeable Companions._

_To conclude, I fear not the Censure of_ HERMAPHRODITES, _nor of those
that would be such to satisfy their vicious Inclinations; neither am I
under any apprehensions from the Censure of our Reforming Zealots_.

* * * * *

_Tractatus de Hermaphroditis_:





The Secrets of Nature have in all Ages been particularly examin'd by
Anatomists and others, and this of _Hermaphrodites_ is so very
wonderful, that I am perfectly assur'd my present Enquiry will be
entirely acceptable to all Lovers of curious Discoveries; and as it is
my immediate Business to trace every Particular for an ample
Dissertation on the Nature of _Hermaphrodites_, (which obliges me to a
frequent Repetition of the Names of the Parts employ'd in the Business
of Generation) so, I hope, I shall not be charg'd with Obscenity, since
in all Treatises of this Kind it is impossible to finish any one Head
compleatly, without pursuing the Methods of Anatomical Writings.

Though in _Ovid_'s _Metamorphosis_, _Salmacis_'s being in Love with
_Hermaphroditus_, and not succeeding in her amorous Wishes, her praying
to the Gods to join their Bodies in one, has no Weight in it; yet, that
the Notions of Hermaphrodites are not entirely fictitious, I need only
mention the Servant of _Montuus_, who took his Hermaphrodite to be a
Male when he lay with his Maids, and for a Female when she lay with her
Husband to propagate their Species, the two Hermaphrodites of
_Licetus_, and the Story of _Ausonius_, which he relates of an
Hermaphrodite of _Bonavento_ in _Italy_; and Histories are full of
Confirmations, that many Persons in the World have had the privy Parts
of both Sexes.

For the Definition of the Word Sex, it is no other than a Distinction of
Male and Female, in which this is most observable, that for the Parts of
the Body, there is but little Difference between them; but the Females
are colder than the Males, and abound with more superfluous Moisture;
wherefore their spermatick Parts are more soft and humid, and all their
natural Actions more vigorous than those of Men: But Hermaphrodites are
a mixture of both Sexes, and to both incompleat.

In all Ages Hermaphrodites have been talk'd of, though particular
Vouchers have been many times wanting, which is generally the Case
where a Deficiency of the Secrets of Nature is to be detected; the
amorous Parts are certainly more valuable than any other principal Parts
of the Body, as they afford the greatest pleasure of Life; and there is
always the greatest Difficulty attends the Discoveries of Impotency,
(which is less obnoxious) and nothing but the Force of the Law executed
by a lascivious Female, in the State of Matrimony, will occasion a
Record of a want of Substance for the amorous Adventure.

It is natural to suppose, that these Persons of a mix'd Nature call'd
Hermaphrodites, have had generally more Prudence and Conduct than to
marry under such Incapacities, which would prevent an agreeable
Consummation in the amorous Embrace, (however they may sport and dally
with each other) as they must expect nothing but the greatest Resentment
and highest Indignation from the Persons they have presumptuously
espous'd, and must inevitably tend to their being expos'd to the World,
as Prodigies and Monsters; and they have in Times past been the more
effectually deterr'd from engaging in Matrimony, as they were
immediately on their Discovery cast into the Sea or some large Rivers,
or banish'd into some desolate Island, as presages of dire Events, and
the worst of Calamities.

But the Civil Law does not regard Hermaphrodites as Monsters, it permits
them to make a Choice of either of the two Sexes for the Business of
Copulation, either in the Capacity of Men or Women; but if the
Hermaphrodite does not perform his Part agreeable to Nature, the same
Law inflicts the Punishment due to Sodomy, because he has abus'd one
Part, contrary to Matures Laws. This must be determin'd by the
Predominancy of the Parts, for there are some Hermaphrodites so very
vigorous as to embrace Women, and others whose Parts are so dispos'd as
to receive with pleasure the Caresses of Men; and where there is nothing
to hinder the amorous Action, but that they are capable of enjoying
mutual Pleasure, it would be a piece of injustice to prohibit their

Monsieur _Venette_[A] tells us, that there are five kinds of
Hermaphrodites: The first have the privy Parts of a Man very entire;
they make Water and Engender like other Men, but with this difference,
that they have a pretty deep Slit between the Seat and the Cod, which is
of no Use in Generation.

The second Sort have also the Parts of a Man very well proportion'd,
that serve either the Functions of Life or Generation; but they have a
Slit not so deep as the first Sort, which being in the midst of the
Cods, presses the Testicles on each side.

The third Sort have no visible privy Parts of a Man, only a Slit,
through which the Hermaphrodite makes Water. This Cavity is deeper or
shallower, according to the plenty or default of Matter employ'd for the
forming of it, yet one may easily find the Bottom of it with one's
Finger. The Terms never flow by this way, and this kind of Hermaphrodite
is a true Man as well as the two others above mention'd; for these sorts
of Hermaphrodites become Boys, about the Age of fifteen, in an Instant,
and are as valiant in the Adventures of Love as other Males, and this is
oftentimes affected by some violent Action, as _Mary Germain_, mention'd
by _Parĉus_, leaping over a Ditch, strain'd herself, and became
instantly a Man, through the coming forth of the privy Parts.

This may be a sufficient Caution to young Gentlemen not to be too hasty
in their Marriages, lest, in a vigorous Consummation with a very
youthful Partner, the imaginary Female should at once appear an

The fourth Sort of Hermaphrodites, are Women who have the _Clitoris_
bigger and longer than others, and thereby impose upon the Vulgar, who
know but little of the Parts they are compos'd of, and of these kinds of
Hermaphrodites, _Columbus_ says he examin'd all the Parts, and found no
essential Difference from other Women; the only Sign that they are Women
is, that they suffer the flowing of their Terms every Month.

The fifth Kind, are those that have neither the Use of the one nor the
other Sex, and have their privy Parts confus'd, and the Temper of Man
and Woman so inter-mix'd, that one can hardly say which is most
predominant; but these sorts of Persons are rather a kind of Eunuchs
than Hermaphrodites, their _Penis_ being good for nothing, and their
Terms never flowing. Of this Kind was the _Bohemian_ Woman, that pray'd
_Columbus_ to cut off her _Penis_, and to enlarge her _Vagina_, that she
might the more freely, as she alledg'd, join amorously with a Man.

These are the several Sorts of Hermaphrodites, mentioned by Monsieur
_Venette_; and the four first of them, tho' they have the Name, yet
Nature has not refus'd them the Advantage to make use of their Genital
Parts, and to Engender as others.

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